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qua? [02 Mar 2008|03:55pm]

Are you serious? I thought I left the 40 degree one day temperature swings back in the midwest ...
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spot on [13 Jun 2007|05:12pm]

What American accent do you have? (Best version so far)


("Midland" is not necessarily the same thing as "Midwest") The default, lowest-common-denominator American accent that newscasters try to imitate. Since it's a neutral accent, just because you have a Midland accent doesn't mean you're from the Midland.

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buy my house please [15 May 2007|05:30pm]
Check out my listing here.

My last day at Boston Scientific is Friday, and I start my new job next Monday, woohoo!

Stephanie flies up Saturday morning to help me drive down to Alabama Saturday and Sunday. Exciting times!
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[28 Nov 2006|02:31pm]
I will be in the Seattle area this evening through Friday morning. My flight lands around 7pm so if anyone wants to do anything around 8 or 9 tonight, and/or Wednesday and Thursday evening, talk amongst yourselves and tell me where to go.

In other news, if you happen to be able to see the Colts game this Sunday, look for Stephanie and me waaaay at the top. This will be the first Colts game I've been to since I can remember, and Stephanie's first NFL game. Exciting! The Titans must be trounced.
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Moles in my lawn ... [22 Aug 2006|08:59pm]
License to kill gophers by the government of the United Nations. Man, free to kill gophers at will. To kill, you must know your enemy, and in this case my enemy is a varmint. And a varmint will never quit - ever. They're like the Viet Cong - Varmint Cong. So you have to fall back on superior intelligence and superior firepower. And that's all she wrote.
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Update [02 Aug 2006|10:58am]
I went white water rafting last weekend with Stephanie and her parents. It was excellent. We got some good pictures with a water proof camera, and the place running the trip took great pictures as well. I will link to these when I get home.

Our guide was pretty awesome as well. He told us everyone called him "Butterfly", but it was quite difficult to call a guy that name. Early on our entire group fell out of the boat except for our guide, and we dragged along the rocks for a little while before getting back in. Everyone was ok though. Later our guide told us "I am going to do something stupid, come get me if I fall out". His plan was to jump as the boat was going over a rapid and then land back in, but he didn't do it very well and just sorta fell down. The guide in the boat behind us though got about 5 feet in the air and landed back in his boat. All in all it was a great time.

I will be in Seattle this weekend, I believe most of the interested parties are aware of this. If one of them would be so kind to pick me up at the airport at about 7pm, that would be superb.
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Weight challenge [07 Jul 2006|10:32pm]
My friend at work, Alan, has issued a weight loss challenge to me. His goal is to get to 155 from 163, at a height of 5'9". Since this is a drop of 1.1 on the BMI scale, I figured a fair challenge would be for me to go from 169.5 to 161 at a height of 5'11". Whoever hits the target goal and maintains it for 3 days first will win dinner. If anyone else wants to join in, let me know.

Here is my weight loss progress in the past 6 weeks or so:

weight graphCollapse )
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homecoming once again [02 Jun 2006|11:21am]
At this point, the Hampton is the only decent hotel left with rooms on Friday night for homecoming. I've booked 1 room since they can be cancelled, if you want to come you should book a room, or let me know if you want to try and share some rooms. I think we should come in Friday, stay Friday night, then go to Indy Saturday evening since there will be more to do there.
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new car! [31 May 2006|06:37pm]

I picked up my new car today. Check out more pictures here. I would have taken more but my camera's battery died.
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new car? [30 May 2006|02:29pm]
I am thinking about buying a new car. The reasoning is I don't want to have to deal with maintenance on my blazer, and new cars are fun. My top pick right now is a VW Passat 2.0T. Thoughts?
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homecoming [27 May 2006|09:01pm]
As I sit in the armpit of Terre Haute, the Travelodge, I realize if we are coming to homecoming we need to book a good hotel now. Since we could always cancel before 24 hours in advance, if anyone is interested in coming you should tell me now and I will make a reservation at the Hampton Inn. It is about $100 / night per room.

I am still not anywhere near sure I will come myself, but if we are I don't want to be stuck in the Travelodge again.
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hippies [24 May 2006|02:11pm]
Your Political Profile:
Overall: 80% Conservative, 20% Liberal
Social Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal
Personal Responsibility: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal
Fiscal Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal
Ethics: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal
Defense and Crime: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal
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Fun with flying (long) [07 May 2006|11:12pm]
Disclaimer: You are probably going to think I am crazy when I post this, but I am going to do it anyways.

So I fly a lot these days, mostly to go see Stephanie, and I pay a lot of attention to frequent flier miles as a result. They are very handy to either book some expensive ticket far in advance, or to book last minute travel, which I have done a few times. Also if you fly a certain amount every year, you get perks like getting to reserve good seats, sometimes getting first class upgrades, and extra miles every time you fly.

Since I am no longer playing poker, flying and dealing with FF miles has become one of my new addictions. I research fares a lot for places I like to go (Alabama, Indiana, Seattle, New York), and creative ways of getting there. See if I could take a direct flight, but a connecting flight costs the same, I might take the connection because I get free extra miles, which gets me closer to the number of miles I need to fly every year to keep my nice benefits, and allows me to get more free tickets.

Therefore, this weekend when I was going to Albany (ALB), I already decided to go through at least Detroit (DTW) as my parents were going through there, and the MSP-ALB direct flights were much more expensive. However I happened to know there are cheap fares through Chicago, so I booked MSP-ORD-DTW-ALB for Friday and ALB-DTW-ORD-MSP for Sunday. Crazy right?

Well here is where the fun comes in. I noticed Thursday night that my MSP-ORD flight was overbooked. Knowing this I asked the agent if they would need volunteers to give up their seat. Typically one can get a $100-300 voucher towards a future flight, plus being booked on a later flight for giving up your seat. However, being sneaky I negotiated to not only get a $200 voucher, but to put me on a direct MSP-DTW, that would get me to DTW earlier than I had originally been scheduled, so I would not even be delayed at my final destination. Score!

But what about those frequent flier miles you so preciously covet you may ask? Well since they rerouted me I only got credit for the 2 flights I took, instead of the 3 I had booked. However I called in, and they should be able to give me credit for my original routing, which means I get the more miles, spent less time on the plane, plus got $200. How about that?

On the way back today, it was the same thing, all flights out of ORD were overbooked pretty much since Sunday night is big for commuters. There was only one flight after mine, but I went ahead and asked about volunteering. The lady said I could get $200, but since the later flight was also overbooked they'd probably have to send me through DTW. This was ironic because I had just came from there, but for the $200, and the extra miles I would get for doing it, I was fine with it. After my original flight left though and the gate agent started to process my bump, she went ahead and booked me on the 8pm direct to MSP flight anyways.

Now having gained $400 in vouchers on a trip I paid $320 for, I was doing quite well. But of course since my new flight is still overbooked, I get another opportunity for a voucher. This time $300, but I would have to stay overnight. This isn't too big of a problem because they would cover the hotel, but my bag had already taken the previous flight to Minneapolis since they couldn't pull it off in time. Combining this with having to work in the morning, I figured it would probably not be a good idea to give up my seat.

Thus I flew on home, and here I am.

If I were cool I would put a poll up, but since I can't I'll just ask. Do you think I am extremely crazy, moderately crazy, or not crazy at all? Reply in a comment.
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Update [04 May 2006|05:41pm]
Apparently I haven't updated in a long while, so here it goes.

Guidant was purchased by Boston Scientific, so I work for them now. Not much has changed yet, it'll probably be a few months before we know more.

I am pretty much never home on the weekends. For the most part I am going to Alabama or other places to see my girlfriend, Stephanie (blckmascara). She goes to the University of Alabama studying EE. I get to go down there for a week after next week, and we are actually going up to Indiana together during that time so she can meet my parents. I am super excited about the week trip :)

This weekend I am going to Albany, New York to visit my brother, and my parents are also going. We are celebrating birthdays of myself, my dad, and Angie (my brother's fiance), and Mother's Day.

Memorial Day weekend I am headed to St Louis, and Stu and I are going to drive over to Rose for graduation. Leave a comment if you are going to be there and we will do something.

For June I have a free weekend, an Alabama visit, Ellen is coming up here to visit, a free weekend, then off to Indiana for July 4th with Stephanie.

My two temp roommates found a new apartment with my friend Nathan, they are moving there June 1st. My new roommate from Rose, Anthony, should be moving in shortly after.

I might be switching to a new job within Guidant/Boston Scientific soon. I would be switching out of test and into development, so thumbs up there. I just need to go through the formality of having some interviews, but they are with people I have already worked with, and I am pretty sure they think I'm smart, so all is good. The informal conversation I had with the manager of the dev team counted as one of my interviews, and it went very well.

That is all for now.
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snow again [17 Mar 2006|12:44am]
Yet another 5-9" of snow last night. I decide to wait for the plow to go by again before trying to do anything about Alan's car. It would be too difficult to get his car into my driveway. The plan I came up with at work was to jack up the front of his car and place trash can lids under the front tires to act as sleds. I would then pull his car out from the mass of snow with my blazer to some location that had already been plowed. However, the snow was not nearly as bad.

After the plow came by pic ...Collapse )

Since the rest of the road was dry by this point, it would have been difficult to keep the car sliding without causing any damage, so I decided to use my snow thrower to clear the snow. If there is no snow around the car, they shouldn't tow it. I had to start off with a shovel, because the snow was a bit high for my middle of the road snow thrower.

About half way through ...Collapse )

After probably 20-30 minutes I finally had everything pretty much cleared off. This was good because my snow thrower ran out of gas shortly after while I was working on the snow the plow left in front of my driveway. I finished that off with the shovel rather than getting more gas. Hopefully we will not have more snow falls that require the snow thrower.

Finished job ...Collapse )
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3/14 [14 Mar 2006|02:19pm]
Oh and, Happy Pi Day!
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snow [14 Mar 2006|11:41am]
Sunday / Monday morning it snowed about 13" in St. Paul. I found this out when one of my roommates woke me up asking for a saw to cut the limbs of the tree branch that had fallen on his girlfriend's car parked in front of my house. Thus clearly the day started out well.

We managed to get the limbs cut away and I cleared the driveway with my snow thrower. We put all the cars in the driveway or garage, except for Alan's that he left at my house from when I took him to the airport for his week long cruise. I knew I needed to ask him for his keys, but since we left at 6:30am I wasn't really thinking straight, thus I had no keys, and no way to move the car.

Shortly after, the plow came by and pretty much plowed his car in. I made an attempt later in the night to get into the car with a coat hanger, but was quite unsuccessful. Apparently that wouldn't have mattered anyways because you need the keys to get an automatic out of park.

I decided to just see what happened, and in the morning there was a note saying his car would be towed in 12 hours from 1:20am if it was not moved. It was also ticketed $25 for being left on the street, and $35 for expired plates. I decide at this point it will be cheaper to have a tow company come and tow it to my driveway than for him to pay to get it out of impound.

I called up the tow company and they say it is going to be $75. I think again maybe if I can get in I can drag it myself, forgetting that I still need the keys to put it in neutral. The tow company says it will be $50 to get it unlocked.

As I am trying to shovel some of the 3 feet of snow that is surrounding the car, a guy with a plow on his truck stops and says it will take me forever to shovel all of that, to which I agree. He offers to push some of the snow out of the way. I let him know I can't even get into the car to move it as I don't have the keys. He goes ahead and pushes some of the snow out of the way, and says he has to go somewhere else for a little bit, but will come back and help me drag it with a tow chain. Since it is pretty icy, we figure it will slide fairly easily.

We ended up pulling it backwards clear of the snow and brush the snow off of the car to make it look like it was moved. The guy also finished clearing the rest of the snow that was left by the city plow when it came by. Hopefully they will decide to not tow it now. The law concerning parking on the street states that cars cannot be parked on the street until it has been plowed curb to curb, and now that the guy who came by helped me clear the rest of the snow, hopefully that is the case.

Ah, Minnesota.
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MSP and DTW will not be pwned afterall [03 Mar 2006|03:28pm]
The NWA Pilots union and NWA Management have reached an agreement to cut wages. This is extremely good news as I have a lot of flights coming up on NWA, and a pilot strike would have been extremely bad for the upper midwest as a whole.

So, huzzah!
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BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB'sssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [21 Feb 2006|05:22pm]
<td align="center"> Kyle --

Full of bees

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>
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brrrrrrrrrr [17 Feb 2006|11:03pm]
Rest of Tonight
Colder...clear. Lows 15 below to 20 below zero. West winds 5 to 15 mph. Wind chill readings 30 below to 40 below zero.
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